wedding-beauty-productsWell all want to feel the best we can, and without sounding too superficial making yourself look good on the outside can sometimes make you feel good on the inside.

I don’t know everything about make-up and beauty products and I’m far from a beauty guru, but I can share products that I like, find interesting and what works for me. Who knows maybe  I could help you decide whether a product is good or not. (think of me as your little pet guinea pig)

Being transgender I also face a few other problem areas that most woman don’t have to worry about facing (for example since we’re already talking about facing lets talk about how awful it would be growing a beard midway into your dinner date, or while chatting up a hot future baby daddy in a night club, bar or even whilst getting yourself a late night munch from McDonalds – it seems men will attempt to pick you up anywhere now-a-days) so I can also try to give you advice, tips and tricks on how to take care of these unwanted problems.

(fashion: coming soon)

Until next time, double kisses.


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