An Imperfect Introduction


Hey inter-fam,

Welcome to my first official uploaded post. If you took the time to read My Coming Out As Transgender | My Experience thank you, although I do have a little tinnie weenie confession to make. That blog that posted I had already wrote about a year and a half ago for a piece for my friend, a transgender activist and amazing speaker Justine Smithies – this is the link if you want to check out her website

If you’re transgender and looking for useful information I highly suggest you check out this website (and you can read the original blog post I entered on there too, and you’ll also have the pleasure of seeing me pre-transition, as a boy! yikes!) It has amazing info, stories and much more to read. Also if you want to check out Justine’s blog you can check it out here.

I used to blog before, and I use the term blog very loosely because A) my grammar is atrocious and B) I wasn’t as consistent as I should have been. But it was a time in my life where I had just recently came out as transgender, I was dealing with a lot emotionally and homeless at the time, so a blog was something to take me away from the stresses of my reality and put all my focus into one place. That’s probably the reason why I have started my blog again, because I’m not coping with the stresses of life and need to put my focus into something productive before I end up in jail (quite literally!) or have a mental breakdown.

At this precise moment I’ve recently moved away from Peterhead and into Aberdeen which is kind of a bitter-sweet moment because Peterhead was very toxic for me but it was home, and where all my friends and family are. I’m drinking very heavily which I have spoke about on my Instagram and taking a lot of prescription drugs that are not actually prescribed to me. And this is the first time me actually admitting publicly that they’re not prescribed. I’ve had a recent death in the family which has kinda shook everyone as it was very unexpected and on top of all that I can’t get over a breakup.

You’re probably thinking “wow ain’t your life a bundle of joy” and right now you’re probably right, but I promise not all of my blogs will be a depressing read as I do have a very… erm… let’s just say interesting life, and the stories that I am going to share on here will leave you all “shook”… Literally. But I do want to keep it 100% real with you all, without the added filters and that “I don’t give a fuck” persona.

I want this blog to be a home for not just me but for you guys too. If you can relate with a post don’t be affraid to leave a comment. Even if you can’t relate leave comment anyway just to make this blog look more popular than it actually is. I’ll take you along on my journey from the bad binge drinking habits (and the stories that come with it, even though it will leave us both cringing), from careers (if you can call it that), friendships, sex, relationships, beauty, my sense of fashion (because I’m usually that friend that you say “you’re not wearing that are you?”) and much much more. So I hope you guys stay and come along for ride.

It’s currently 5:27am, I’m sitting here with a black coffee and lit cigarette about to get ready for work. What should I wear this shift? A black pretty lace underwear set or some slutty ripped stockings and PVC little red dress? Oh that’s right, Incase you weren’t aware I am in the sex industry. I’m not into porn although a few top porn producers have offered me lots of money to do a couple scenes, but I’ve politely declined. I like to have more private sessions with clients – although my nudes got leaked but that’s for another blog post. I’m a transsexual escort. That’s going to be the most private part of my life and although my personal life is up in tatters I take pride in being discrete and professional when it comes to my clientele. I guess I could write a blog why I decided to get into the sex game and how I managed it ect but that will but that will be for a much later time.

Until next time, double kisses.

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