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Hello there, If you have randomly stumbled on my blog then I suggest you exit out while you still can. While your sanity is still intact and your morals are still in place. My blog isn’t a place for the small-minded, ignorant or intolerant kind. To be honest, my blog isn’t a place for any kind. I’ve created this blog because 1] I want a place where I can come to gather my thoughts and feelings, and writing is one of the tools I use to express myself and feelings. 2] I love sharing my life with others, no matter how much of a train wreck it is. My life has been far from perfect and I am no stranger to making the odd mistake or two (or ten). Last but definitely not least 3] I want to educate people on my life, lifestyle and the experiences that I’ve experienced. I have done things that many would be ashamed of, frowned upon and because of those things I guess my reputation has suffered. Maybe if you’re lucky you won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made – and I’ve made my fair few. Think of me as your own personal lanky, over-opinionated, impulsive, binge drinking guinea pig. 

I’m Brooke Olsen, a 24-year-old living in the North East of Scotland. Life here hasn’t been a walk in the park for me, maybe a park covered with fearsome boiling hot lava – that would describe my life a little more accurately. I am not your typical girl next door, I’m more like your typical, self-destructive, kind-of alcoholic T-girl next door. If you’re unaware what the T stands for, the T stands for transgender. My transition has been a weird journey, or should I say so far it’s been a weird journey because I’ve still got a long way til I would say that my transition is complete. Taking you on my journey into womanhood is important, because I want to open people’s eyes to seeing that transgender people are simply that – people. Or maybe me being any sort of spokes person or example wouldn’t be the best idea because I’m as erratic and weird as they come. From Psychiatrist appointments, depression and anxiety,  laser hair sessions, surgeries, relationships and friendships, sex life and party lifestyle, I won’t be holding much back – so I warn you before you read any further (although I’m sure I already told you to stop reading at the beginning of this post) there will be posts on here that are considered taboo, strange with a little too much information that would be considered HIGHLY inappropriate.

So grab yourself a drink, preferably some vodka – trust me you’re going to need it, and a seat. Feel free to laugh at my mistakes (as I wake up in the morning with the world’s worst hangover turning my head and asking myself “why is there a random guy lying next to me in my bed fast asleep?”) or the outcomes of my calamitous behaviour. But hey, if you can’t laugh at them what else are you going to do? We have no time to sit and dwell over the things we cannot change. Life is too short to sit around acting Miss Perfect, because that’s a battle we’re all destined to lose, right? 

If you asked me what I want out of life a few year ago I would have said something ridiculous like “I want to be famous for being famous” or “to find myself a sugar daddy so I don’t have to worry about money ever again” and although not having to worry about money ever again would be nice, my mindset has been changed in the last two year. Now I would definitely like to find happiness, being stable in my transition, my mental health and within myself. And of course I would like to find love one day, someone who is my bow to my tie, butter to my toast or condom to my lube. I’ve been lucky to have a couple of shots at love but they haven’t worked out. I ether fall out of love with them, or they fall out of love with me. But I’m sure we’ll find someone one day, if not then we’ll just take him against his will and lock him up in the cellar against his will. Ether way I win. I feel sorry for him – I’m a lot to handle on my best days, never mind my worst. But I guess you guys will be coming on the journey of “finding love as a transsexual woman” with me and who knows, maybe one day I won’t just be someone’s dirty little secret. 

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