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What the fuck. Yep, that sounds about right, that’s the perfect opening to start this blog post. I wasn’t going to post another Straight Boy Diary so soon but when something so unexpectedly happens, and is so raw (and traumatising) in my mind, how could I not? If you have read the first segment of The Straight Boy diaries | Mr. Debt Collector (part 1) thank you, and I promise to post part 2 soon, but for now that’s going to have to wait because little was I aware that Mr. Laxative was going to pop up in my blog so unexpectedly and so soon.

Let me start off my saying that not every guy who I have an “encounter” with gets the privilege to be featured on my blog. If you’re dating/relationship material you probably won’t even be mentioned at all. Not even random one night hookups don’t get blogged about because I’m always quite abrasive about these kind of blog posts because I don’t even know the outcome of them. When I decided to do this blog I made a commitment to myself that if this is something I’m going to do then I’m doing it 100%. But if you’re someone who I have an “encounter” with and something isn’t quite right, or something weird happens then you betcha I’m going to post about it. I mean come on, I’m a blogger. What do you expect?

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The Straight Boy Diaries | Mr. Debt Collector (Part 1)

Hi inter-fam,

Welcome to the first segment of The Straight Boy Diaries. The place where I take you into the taboo world of my sex life, and the men who linger in there. I used to blog about my sexual encounters (not clients obviously) back in the good old days and decided to start blogging about it again. WARNING these posts are not for the faint-hearted. Things will definitely become explicit and detailed so if that ain’t your thing, logout now. I am not going to blog about past relationships as such because I believe that’s too personal and completely unnecessary, but what’s the harm in talking about the one-night stands and random encounters I have? Well, apart from ever getting laid again of course.

Disclaimer – I will not be mentioning any names of the men that I’ve had for obvious reasons.

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