Welcome to my blog.

Hello there, If you have randomly stumbled on my blog then I suggest you exit out while you still can. While your sanity is still intact and your morals are still in place. My blog isn’t a place for the small-minded, ignorant or intolerant kind. To be honest, my blog isn’t a place for any kind. I’ve created this blog because 1] I want a place where I can come to gather my thoughts and feelings, and writing is one of the tools I use to express myself and feelings. 2] I love sharing my life with others, no matter how much of a train wreck it is. My life has been far from perfect and I am no stranger to making the odd mistake or two (or ten). Last but definitely not least 3] I want to educate people on my life, lifestyle and the experiences that I’ve experienced. I have done things that many would be ashamed of, frowned upon and because of those things I guess my reputation has suffered. Maybe if you’re lucky you won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made – and I’ve made my fair few. Think of me as your own personal lanky, over-opinionated, impulsive, binge drinking guinea pig. 
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